Paul Meacham the hero from Heber-Overgaard Arizona was taken on a tour of the US army base and saw how many young soldiers were working on this project and how it was not a military project but a civilian work. He was able to get the money for it from Mr Riddell. On March 8th 1945 at a time when Americans were beginning to be sick of war there were a few Americans who were interested in war – especially those people that were not in the military. The German army was preparing a major operation and so American men and women were going to help and give help to the German troops, but not in combat situations. To be part of the military would mean dying to get to work or go to war. The US Army was preparing this big project. So Mr Meacham and other local groups were planning the attack on the town. By the time of the attack there were still many American soldiers with no experience in military matters. So they used local people who were in charge of military operations, to help in this. This was also a large operation that did not involve fighting but rather to protect the German troops. The village was defended by two tanks and there were thousands of Germans and civilians that were forced to leave their homes but by the end of the operation the villagers did not need to evacuate, because they knew that the Germans would not be hurt. But they couldn’t evacuate because the town was surrounded by the American military, so the Americans did it anyway. If you can imagine how strong American men were at the end of this operation, and the people who survived from that operation, I think many more people that I have discussed on this website would come here in the days and weeks to watch this video, and remember how the Americans defended this small village, saved lives, but at the same time helped people of different faiths and cultures to live together better and protect each other. A short film featuring more of the details of Operation Heber Overgaard can be seen on my website www.kaput.com/operationheberovergaard.htm. As the war progressed the Germans also started to use American and British planes, helicopters, and submarines in operations. Operation Overgaard made America seem very powerful and important, when it was in fact a very limited project that provided the Germans with little information about their enemy and provided them with no way of making any real threat to the United States, the only thing that the Germans could do was to have these tiny, little American air bases and the other few bases they had built, put them in these remote areas that didn’t have airplanes and a lot of American equipment, and the Germans would go in and destroy everything. What I have been doing is creating a whole new series of videos covering the entire history of the “Operation Overgaard,” and also telling the full story of the lives that these people lived, when it came to these attacks on the towns in the US. They don’t want to have this public record of this great American adventure in the making, and want to keep their history secret. But I am going to show you that these attacks are much bigger than the attack on Overgaard, and more destructive and harmful to the very ideals of this country and especially the Constitution. So here is a little bit of what the history of what happened in this village and its people says about freedom, equality, and the Constitution and of America and our rights as American people: “In early February 1945, as the war in Europe rages to a fever pitch, Operation Overgaard, the largest concentration camp in the world, was being used to protect the German forces from American invasion and invasion of the Soviet Union. On one of the first attacks on the town of Overgaard that took place, some 2,800 American soldiers were involved. They had been called to protect US troops from the advancing Red Army. Although over 50% of the population of Overgaard were German, the Americans held no reservations about using US forces for a small demonstration of their power and might. At about this time, at least five Germans were killed by American troops. When the American soldiers reached the site of the attack, they found that the village had been surrounded with enemy positions, and that even the nearby German schools had been burned to the ground. The town and all of its buildings had been destroyed to the ground. The townspeople and the soldiers were taken prisoner. Some of the American soldiers had to defend themselves at gunpoint in the surrounding areas.” After the war ended, this story of the attack went around the world to say that these Americans were “patriots,” and that America had destroyed them because of their patriotism. But what the stories said was that many of the German soldiers, or the people that they worked with, did not even know who America was